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Passwords and codes

Here you can find some initial codes and passwords for Motorola phones and little guide how to change them.


Bluetooth password is asked when you try to pair accessories like headset or connect phone to the PC by Bluetooth. For all Motorola cellphones it is '0000' or for some others also '0'.

Keypad or application lock

Initial password is 1234. If you forget the password press the middle button on your cellphone and put in your security password / unblocking code.

Security code

Security code is 000000. This code is also required when you reset initial settings on your phone.

How to change codes and passwords

  1. Press Menu button
  2. Select Settings in menu
  3. Select Security settings
  4. Select New passwords
  5. Select proper password or code you want to change
  6. Then continue as phone ask you

Special or Subsidy code

This code is requested after SIM card PIN code. This code should be requested from your network operator. Ask this code from provider that locked this phone.