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IMEI code

IMEI code. Where I can find it, what is it good for and what can I find out by IMEI code.

How can I get my IMEI number?

Type in as if you write phone number you want call: * # 0 6 # . Now you will see your IMEI number.

If you can't turn on your phone, just try this:

  1. open back of your mobile phone
  2. IMEI number should be printed on a label
  3. it should have 15 digits
  4. if there is 17 digit number, have in mind first 15 digits only
  5. IMEI number can be found also in documents and on back of the phone package

Stolen phone

If your cellphone has been stolen you can block your SIM card and also in some countries your phone. You need to know your IMEI number.

So you should turn to your network provider (SIM card) and Motorola official service.

You can use this IMEI number Analyser. This tool detect phone type and other information about cellphone if you know your IMEI number.