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Connect Motorola phone to PC

This is guide how to connect Motorola cellphone to computer. This is also guide how to install drivers if you have phone detecting issues with Motorola Phone Tools (or other software for sync).

Delete old drivers

If you connect your phone to PC and nothing happens, first you should delete old drivers. If you have Windows, you should try this way:

Start > Settings > Control panels > System icon > in new window hardware tab > Device manager

Now you can see the list of devices. You will see all Motorola driver installation attemps. These has been created by you or Motorola Phone Tools. Let's delete all.

Click twice to modems in the list. Here you will see "Motorola USB Modem" or "Motorola USB Modem #2" etc. Delete them all by DEL button on your keyboard. If you see nothing, it is ok.

Driver install

Download proper drivers for your Motorola cellphone in download section. These drivers are universally used for all Motorola cellphones. Works for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. There are no Motorola drivers for Mac OS yet.

When drivers are installed, restart the computer. Check USB connection in cellphone. There should be selected Modem or Data/Fax.

Connection to PC

Now connect your Motorola to PC and run Motorola Phone tools or another software compatible with your cellphone. In Motorola Phone tools select proper profile and computer should detect your phone.


If there are still problems with connection, I recommend to reset the initial factory settings.

Menu > Settings > Initial settings > (Reset) initial settings The phone will require security code. Initially it is 000000 if you did not changed it before.