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Services settings

You can try to set up your network services manually step by step or try out free online settings provided by Motorola.

Data settings like MMS, Internet, e-mail or WAP is possible to set up by free SMS sent on your cellphone.

Before you start the settings, be sure that you have your service available by your network provider.

How to send settings for Motorola phone

  1. Visit the Motorola setup page
  2. Select proper country
  3. Select your Motorola model, your network provider and type of service (MMS, Internet, Email, JAVA, etc.)
  4. Wait until you get the SMS message

How to set up the phone

You will probably need to set up your settings in web sessions in your cellphone. It can be found under web connection, web, internet, etc. Now you must tick WAP/Internet under web sessions. If you do not have WAP, you should tick session named MMS.