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Settings codes for MOTOFONE F3

Motofone F3 uses settings codes, which must be put in and confirmed with green "call" key.

Motofone F3 settings

How to put in the code:

*** number * green call key

All codes for MOTOFONE F3:

Setting name Description Settings code
Show IMEI number   *#06#
Restore initiall settings Master reset ***000*
Show incoming calls counter   ***111*
Show outgoing calls counter   ***121*
Turn on notify during the call This turn on 1 minute notification, beep always 5 seconds before all single minute. ***130*
Turn off notify during the call   ***131*
Show calls counter   ***132*
Turn on fixed calls Fixed calls restricts phone user to call only by One touch dial #1-9 from SIM card phonebook. ***160*
Turn off fixed calls
Turn on key voice Turn on voice when user push any button on phone. ***250*
Turn off key voice   ***251*
Automatic key lock Automatically lock keypad after 15 seconds of passivity. ***260*
Turn off automatic key lock   ***261*
Set up PIN code of SIM card   ***300*
Turn on PIN code request   ***310*
Turn off PIN code request   ***311*
Turn on cell broadcast   ***400*
Turn off cell broadcast   ***401*
Manually set up the network   ***402*
Set up time format Select 12 or 24 hours format. ***470*
Automatically set ip the network   ***480*
Manually select network without settings changes   ***481*
Turn on credit show   ***500*
Turn off credit show   ***501*
Turn on voice menu on phone   ***510*
Turn off voice menu on phone   ***511*
Change language Change language of text and voice menu ***520*
???   ***641*
???   ***642*
Set up SMS number of service center   ***643*
Set up voicemail number   ***644*
Set up Top-up number Pokud je podporován Top-up. ***645*
Delete all SMS messages   ***700*
???   ***701*
???   ***742*
Manually set up TTY mode Not available in all networks. ***800*
Shows device properties   **9999*