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This is a summary of software for connection and data tranfer from Motorola mobile phone and vice versa.

Some Motorola has very special software for connection to PC. But if you find the correct one, you can using USB cable sync all data: Contacts, images, videos, ringtones, music, etc. In most Motorola phones there is available also Bluetooth connection.

Motorola Phone Tools

Mobile phones: L6, L7, L7e, L9, K1, K3, V360, V3, V3i, V3x, V3xx, V6 MAXX, RAZR2 V8, W490, Z3, Z6, etc.

Motorola Phone Tools is most used software for Motorola device. It is official software for most types but it is also commercial, so you must buy it. You cannot download this legally from internet.

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PC Sync

Mobile phone: Motorola Z8

Download PC Sync:

Download PC Sync

MS ActiveSync

Mobile phones: Motorola MPX200 and Motorola MPX220

For data sync download newest version of ActiveSynoc by Microsoft:

Download MS ActiveSync


Mobile phone: Motorola ROKR E1

iTunes should be in package of this phone.


This software enables to communicate with mobile phone by Bluetooth technology. On computer you will need Bluetooth adapter. But newer laptops has Bluetooth built-in.

Mobile phone: All Bluetooth compatible phones.(long list)

Link to download section:

Download Bluesoleil


Mobile phone: Accompli A008

Download Truesync